How much time does it take to do taping in 1000sq basement

Many clients ask us about how long it usually takes to do mudding, taping and sanding of a 1000sq ft basement or any other area for that matter.
We usually give up to one week for this drywall taping project. There are certain factors that affect the taping process. The main factor would be the temperature inside the basement and the humidity.

First coat called “prefill coat” and is done with SHEETROCK90 should take 90 minutes to dry in the ideal situation (90 here stands for the drying time in minutes).
First coat of Sheetrock on a 1000 sq ft we do within 1 day.
Same day we also put the paper on the corners, screws and prefill coat on the corner beads.

Ideal situation for taping would be a dry and warm space. This way we can do a “rough” sanding next day and put a second coat, this time using Compound to level the walls, put the second coat on the corners, screws and the corner beads.

After, it takes one to two days, depending on the temperature and humidity of the space to dry.

Third coat after rough sending is done with Compound again to smooth out the surfaces and we let it dry for another day.

Finally we sand and it is ready for primer.

So as you can see there are four actual labour days for the taping and 3 days for drying that gives us 7 in total.
We come back for touch-ups when needed but usually there is none required given the professional level of our employees.

Follow Up: FINISHED Drywall Taping COMMERCIAL Project in Roncesvalles Village

Today our team of drywalling contractors completed the following work at the Roncesvalles Village Project

2nd Floor:
·      Taping of new drywall (washroom and kitchen area)
·      Hallway and Staircase from second floor to first floor —skim cote on plaster
1st Floor:
·      Installation of corner bids
·      Skim cote on the walls
·      Taping of new drywall on ceiling
·      Skim cote of plaster on ceiling
·      Taping of all new drywall (walls and ceiling)
·      Removal of construction debris in garbage bin:


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Follow up: Residential Drywall Installation and Taping Project on Evelyn Avenue, Toronto

Here is the follow up of the ‘DEMOLITION’ project that we started at the end of January. Today, February 7th it is all set and ready for the final phase: taping of entire area

Scope of Completed Work:

2nd Floor:

Demolished all plaster from the walls,

Demolished the dropped ceiling in S/W bedroom

Demolished all doors, trims, casings, baseboards

Removed flooring in the bathroom

Installed new ½ inch regular drywall

Installed blue drywall in bathroom

Ready for TAPING

1st Floor:

Demolished plaster

Demolished all doors, trims, casings, baseboards

Demolished the non-structural wall in Easters addition space

Removed tub, sink and built-in cupboards

Removed flooring

Installed new ½ inch regular drywall

Ready for TAPING


Removed non-structural walls

Removed plaster on N/S partition wall

Installed new blue drywall on the external walls

Installed drywall on ceiling and around ducts

Ready for TAPING


Here are some photos of the site at the current phase of drywall installation completion and ready for final phase; Drywall Taping:

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Residential Drywall Installation and Taping Project STARTED on Evelyn Avenue, Toronto

On the third week of January, we began a new Drywall Installation and Drywall Taping Project.The residential site is located on Evelyn Avenue, Toronto.

Here is the Scope of Work:

  • Purchase and delivery of materials
  • Garbage Bin


  • Demolition of plaster from all wall surfaces
  • Demolition of dropped ceiling in South-West bedroom
  • Demolition of doors, trims, casings, baseboards
  • Removal of finish flooring in bathroom—all other flooring remains
  • Installation of new 1/2 inch regular drywall, blue drywall in bathroom
  • Add drywall over existing plaster ceilings in all rooms
  • Taping, mudding and sanding of entire area


  • Demolition of plaster from entire area including ceilings and walls
  • No removal of any structural walls
  • Demolition of doors, trim, casings, baseboards
  • Demolition of non-structural walls in Easters addition space ONLY and removal of tub, sink, built-in cupboards
  •     Removal of the finish flooring
  •      Move kitchen cupboards and appliances to basemen
  •     Installation of new 1/2 inch regular drywall on all areas
  •     Taping, mudding and sanding of new drywall


  • Removal of existing non-structural partition walls, and built in shelvin
  • Remove plaster on existing North-South partition wall east of furnace
  • Installation of new, blue drywall on external basement walls over new insulation
  • Installation of drywall on ceiling and around ducts
  • Taping, mudding and sanding of entire area
  • Disposal of construction debris
  • No carpentry included

DEMOLITION began on the third week of January and is now COMPLETE, take a look at the images of the site before and after demotion:

We started the drywall installation and will be updating this post with more images of drywall installation process.

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BASEMENT – DRYWALL INSTALLATION Project – January 14, 2012

On January 14th we COMPLETED drywall installation project in the basement located in Brampton.

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER images:

Preparation for drywall installation (before) 

After drywall installation is complete:

This project was only DRYWALL INSTALLATION in basement, completed within 2 labor days.  For more information about our drywall installation and drywall taping services, please feel free to contact us at 647 866 0201