Follow up: Residential Drywall Installation and Taping Project on Evelyn Avenue, Toronto

Here is the follow up of the ‘DEMOLITION’ project that we started at the end of January. Today, February 7th it is all set and ready for the final phase: taping of entire area

Scope of Completed Work:

2nd Floor:

Demolished all plaster from the walls,

Demolished the dropped ceiling in S/W bedroom

Demolished all doors, trims, casings, baseboards

Removed flooring in the bathroom

Installed new ½ inch regular drywall

Installed blue drywall in bathroom

Ready for TAPING

1st Floor:

Demolished plaster

Demolished all doors, trims, casings, baseboards

Demolished the non-structural wall in Easters addition space

Removed tub, sink and built-in cupboards

Removed flooring

Installed new ½ inch regular drywall

Ready for TAPING


Removed non-structural walls

Removed plaster on N/S partition wall

Installed new blue drywall on the external walls

Installed drywall on ceiling and around ducts

Ready for TAPING


Here are some photos of the site at the current phase of drywall installation completion and ready for final phase; Drywall Taping:

Please follow this blog so you are able to take a look at the finished results of our professional drywall taping team, soon to come. Feel free to ask any questions about the process of our job.


If you are looking to start your own project give us a call or email with some basic information; dates you would like to start, what type of job that needs to be done, location, ceiling heights, floor area, residential, commercial, custom work, best way to contact you, etc.

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