Commercial Prices

For Commercial drywall taping prices please contact us:

About you


About your project





Stage 1: Your request

It is important to provide us with detailed information of your commercial project:

  • type of job (drywall installation, drywall taping, priming, etc)
  • blue prints / specs
  • location of site
  • exact measurements (if blue prints are unavailable) – sq.ft. / ceiling height / number of drywall sheets or total sq.ft of drywall
  • your personal preferences
  • schedule / timing
  • design if applicable

Please provide as much detailed information about your commercial project as possible. Ideally we will receive a copy of blue prints with all necessary specifications.

Additional questions about the process are always welcome.

Stage 2: Quotation

As soon as request is received by email / fax / phone the following procedures take place:

  • visual analysis of job site by estimator is scheduled (if necessary)
  • collection of all necessary information in regards to project
  • verbal estimation approval
  • written quotation with accurate specs is provided within 24 hours from verbal agreement
  • any possible changes and reviews over written quotation (proposal)
  • final acceptance of contract

“The quotation process is not about finding the lowest bid it’s about being comfortable, and finding the person with the best solution” This is why we will provide you with highly qualified drywall taping smooth finishes that work best. We provide accurate estimates for every part of the project to keep track of all the fees and to avoid confusion. Communication is our key point when it comes to labor and material cost.

Stage 3: Scheduling the renovations

An essential part of the process is to figure out the most suitable time for us to work on the project. Please note that we must receive a notice at least 1 week in advance of job commencement.

  • An estimated duration of the project will be included in the written quotation.
  • If there are no changes during renovation we always finish on time without any delays.

Our concern is to keep you informed at all times during the working period and finish our drywall taping job in time.

Stage 4: Completion of Drywall Taping

At the completion of drywall taping services:

  • detailed overview of entire site is performed
  • avoidance of any possible flaws

At this stage we make sure that our drywall taping services met all you needs and you are satisfied with the finished results.