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Step # 1: Your request for quotation

When you decide to contact us, please keep in mind that we need as much useful information about your project as possible. Just to make it easier for you, here is a list of things you should mention in the contact form / email / on the phone:

  • type of job is required = (drywall installation, drywall taping, priming, etc)
  • where is the project located (main intersection / exact address)
  • measurements = sq.ft. on floor / ceiling height / number of drywall sheets / total sq.ft. of drywall / if basement = sq.ft on floor + indicate amount of rooms or if open concept
  • your personal preferences (what is important to you about getting this job done)
  • schedule = is there a certain timing / when jobs needs to start/finish / do you have a tight schedule / are you looking to start ASAP
  • design = some homes require special approach to installation of drywall in order to hide ugly/unnecessary angles/spots. Very often the duct work is installed in a way that it may interfere with design of room, so installation of drywall over it must be very precise and in accordance to the owners preferences and design tastes. If there are difficult places/corners that you think might be involved in the project, please make sure to mention this to us in order to discuss in advance

Please understand, that the more we know about your ideas and plans, the more accurate and precise we will be able to quote the job / work on site / cooperate with you.

Step # 2: Quotation (Proposal)

As soon as we receive your request by email or phone; if it is necessary our estimator will schedule an appointment to come over for a visual analysis of the job site. Usually the job is standard and there is no need for our estimator to come for a visit, however if the need arises our visits are free of charge.

As soon as we have all the necessary information needed (refer to step #1)and everything is clear of what you want for your home renovation; we offer a verbal estimation of the total cost for you project. This is done so you have an idea of your expenses and can then confirm if whether the price suits your budget expectations. As soon as the estimation is confirmed we start creating a much more accurate written quotation.

You will receive the written quotation via e-mail or fax within 24 hours.

Step # 3: Creating a Scheduling for your renovations

Time is money! So we make sure the renovation is scheduled in such a way as to not interfere with any other work or personal events. It is a very important part of the process to figure out the best and most suitable time for us to work on the project. Our team is flexible with working hours and can bend around your preferred timing and dates; we start work very early in the morning, and can work very late at night, we work during weekend if required. Please make sure you confirm the proper schedule with us for every day, in order to maintain your own comfort and assurance that we will be working and doing our job. An estimated duration of the project will be written in the contract in order to keep you informed of how long the renovation will last. During the renovation you will receive updates every day and will know for sure when the job is complete. If there are no changes throughout the renovation process then we guarantee to finish on time. Our concern is to keep you as comfortable as possible during the working period and finish our job tasks on time.

Step # 4: Completion Process of Drywall Taping

After the job is complete, we always perform a detailed overview of the entire are to make sure that everything was done properly and there is nothing missing. We always make sure to avoid any possible flaws. In the end we have to receive your approval in order to finalise and start cleaning up. We need to be certain that you are satisfied with the finished results!

If tapping was done for your renovation we will make another visit after primer is applied on the walls and do some touch ups if needed. We usually never have to touch up, because our team consists of professionals who never cut corners and work to achieve perfection with each project.