How much time does it take to do taping in 1000sq basement

Many clients ask us about how long it usually takes to do mudding, taping and sanding of a 1000sq ft basement or any other area for that matter.
We usually give up to one week for this drywall taping project. There are certain factors that affect the taping process. The main factor would be the temperature inside the basement and the humidity.

First coat called “prefill coat” and is done with SHEETROCK90 should take 90 minutes to dry in the ideal situation (90 here stands for the drying time in minutes).
First coat of Sheetrock on a 1000 sq ft we do within 1 day.
Same day we also put the paper on the corners, screws and prefill coat on the corner beads.

Ideal situation for taping would be a dry and warm space. This way we can do a “rough” sanding next day and put a second coat, this time using Compound to level the walls, put the second coat on the corners, screws and the corner beads.

After, it takes one to two days, depending on the temperature and humidity of the space to dry.

Third coat after rough sending is done with Compound again to smooth out the surfaces and we let it dry for another day.

Finally we sand and it is ready for primer.

So as you can see there are four actual labour days for the taping and 3 days for drying that gives us 7 in total.
We come back for touch-ups when needed but usually there is none required given the professional level of our employees.

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