The Top 5 Reasons to Install Drywall at Your Home


Building or remodeling an office, a commercial plaza, a restaurant, or your own home often involves the use of drywall. There are a lot of good reasons why. The wall system is high performing and durable. The majority of them are gypsum-based, though there are variations. Meaning, you’ll find several options available depending on your environment – moisture, fire prone, etc.

For those who are planning renovations and want to know whether drywall installation is a good option for them, consider the following these five reasons below.

Drywall installation is quick

Compared to other construction materials, drywall can be installed faster. The time you spend on fitting walls will be at least five times less if you hire a professional drywall contractor in Toronto. The buildout and installation of drywall varies according to its size and how many walls are involved.

Their weight also varies depending on the material they’re made of and the size of their walls. If you want the installation done by a drywall installation contractor, you will undoubtedly need their assistance.

The reason for that is that drywall finishing and taping require experience. The corners are especially susceptible to cracking if it is not done right. However, that can’t be considered as a disadvantage. All properties are structurally based on their walls. They influence the aesthetics and stability of any surface with their excellent drywall installation.

Easily repairable

Drywall plastering reduces impact resistance and therefore cracks and dents. Because such problems are often unavoidable, it’s a good thing that drywall can be fixed quickly.

Large holes can be patched even if they are enormous. The drywall in your home is not likely to need to be replaced unless it has been damaged by fire or water. In a matter of minutes, you can fix the drywall problem with a few simple repairs.

Drywall offers a variety of solutions

Walls and ceilings can be covered with drywall. When you combine lighting and the right painting service with wall and ceiling ideas, you can come up with hundreds of plans. A drywall partition can be used when you remodel a basement, split the office into several sections, or need space to accommodate the newborn.

The dry wall is soundproof

Soundproofing solutions can be provided by a drywall contractor if you are concerned about noise at your property. Wallboard can be actually used to isolate internal noises without increasing the wall’s thickness if the street is too noisy or if there is too much traffic noise coming from the street.

Fire-resistant Drywall

You should know that drywall is not fireproof, but it is fire resistant. As a result, it will continue to burn, but will slow down any further spreading of fire. The importance of this cannot be overstated. This will allow you to evacuate the building in time and, in turn, save your life.

Drywalls have many benefits beyond these, but these are the most important ones. An experienced drywall service company can offer a variety of options to meet all your needs. With the right interior painting service, drywall can also provide excellent thermal insulation, increased protection from mold, and stunning aesthetic results.

At Dry Wall Taping, we are dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship and dependable services at a reasonable cost. We have years of experience in the drywall industry and specialize in all types of drywalls taping for residential, commercial, and industrial contractors. Our family-owned company is diligently committed to customer satisfaction and making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our projects.

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Improved soundproofing options


soundproofing (140)

We all want to have a quite bedroom without noise from our lovely neighbours. Bailey Metal Products Ltd today came up with new and improved bailey rc plus resilient channels that can reduce sound transfer form one area to another with minimal use of space. If you are drywall contractor that looking to build a soundproof wall you should follow the link below to see instructions on how to build a proper soundproof wall. If you are a home owner and would like to hire drywall company to do the work, you can call or email us and we will provide you with a free of charge quote and we can defiantly build it for you.

from here:

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Drywall

DrywallAre you starting a new project that includes drywall installation and taping? Here we’ve got 10 tips to share with you. Drywall is typically the phase when the rubber meets the road. If items like framing, HVAC and plumbing weren’t thoroughly planned and installed, the drywall phase is when a lack of adequate execution or a miscalculation becomes obvious. Drywall is one of the hardest trades to master; it takes a steady hand and a well-experienced eye. Here’s our top 10 things to know about drywall before you start.  Share this advice with your friends on twitter and facebook.

1. 5/8” or 1/2” Drywall?

5/8” GWB (Gypsum Wallboard) is always a better move than ½” GWB for thickness- it’s stiffer and hides framing imperfections. Nothing makes up for a day or two of extra work with long levels flattening walls and ceilings and checking for other framing problems that will become evident only at the end of the project when all the interior lighting is in place. Also 5/8” GWB may be necessary for fire rated walls.

2. Reflective Lighting

Reflective light (i.e. off adjacent bodies of water, like pools or ponds) can create visually unpleasant washes of light that show every imperfection. In this case it is best to go full mud-coating and sand over complete surfaces that will get reflected light.

3. Watch for Dust

When you’re sanding compound off of drywall, the dust will flow everywhere. Before sanding drywall seal off any vents and turn off the air conditioning so it doesn’t draw into the systems. When you’re ready to sand drywall, there’s a good chance that there will be dust. If we are talking about only one isolated room in a house, put a plastic drop cloth at the doorway. If you don’t want any dust, you can use sponges. The sponges will have to dry, though.


4. Cabinets and Drywall

Double-check wall and ceiling flatness during taping wherever cabinets meet drywall. Once cabinets are installed, an uneven wall or ceiling becomes all the more evident (even with scribes).

5. Doors and Drywall

The devil is in the details. We strongly believe, anything that can reduce the visual signs of a wall assembly, is better.  This requires that the interior doors be installed prior to drywall, and we’ve learned, they need to be secured well so they don’t shift (or get shifted) during drywall hanging.

6. Minimize Seams in Drywall

Start by hanging the drywall sheets vertically. If, lets say, the height of the ceiling is 10 feet, and you use the 8-feet drywall; there’s still a 2-foot section missing, so you add a 2-foot piece on top. On the next wall adjacent,  put the 2-foot piece on the bottom and then the 8-foot piece of drywall on top, so that there is no one line going horizontally around the room; you want it to be staggered.

7. Consider Layers of Drywall

Thicker drywall offers a better measure of sound abatement and will also give you a much more rigid wall. Two layers of drywall will help to hide any sort of imperfections you may have and give a more rigid surface for finishing.

8. Keep Drywall Dry with Vapor Barrier

A good thing to have on your exterior wall is vapor barrier. The moisture can cause mold and the vapor barrier will keep it from  penetrating the back of the drywall. If you don’t do the vapor barrier and you have a large exterior wall, you can get a mildew buildup behind the drywall, and then sometimes you’ll get that little browning or blacking effect in the areas.

9. Take Pictures of Drywall

Get a camera and start taking picture of the drywall installation process. In the future it will help you to identify several helpful things things, such as electrical wiring and plumbing pipes. Having this information to look back at is very valuable.


10. Drywall is white

So don’t wear black to site visits.

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Custom Home 101: Perks Of Drywall Installation for Your Home

There is more to having a dream home; especially one that is custom made, which simply beats buying one. Though people may say that the overall cost of building a custom home may be overwhelming, at the end of the day, you as a custom home owner will be living within the comforts of your own making. You simply forget the many issues that may arise about various missed details of the house. The walls of a home are a common issue with; the materials used and thickness, how it they were installed, and the finishing details seem to be wrong. Such dilemmas seize to exist when you decide to go the custom home way.drywall(11)custom home taping

One way to curb the issue of cost while still achieving chic interior details for your home is by using drywalls. These are quick to set up thus a great option when it comes building your home in a jiffy. In addition to a fast home construction, a drywall installation has great advantages that will touch on issues of heat within your home, privacy when you need to have silence, it is simple to pull down when you wish to remodel, and will be ideal when you want to put up additional installations and décor.

To identify with the perks of drywall installation, you need to be abreast with the various aspects that touch on the wall, how it is installed and the various tools used.

Granted the drywall panels sound like the core element in having that dream custom home, in reality, the supports materials and tools are very important in the installation of these panels. These include, the drywall taps, drywall mud, a utility knife and good screwdriver (electric is preferable).

Over to the core element in for your home wall; the drywall, which is a gypsum panel that is made in varied length dimensions to suit various home construction plans and with a width that is commonly of 48” and 54”.  The panels give you the leeway to have a wall thickness that you desire, meaning you can easily have a solution for sound transmission within your home. In addition, you get a wall that has superb heat control qualities. This wall will play an important part in the regulation of heat within your home and is exceptional in retarding fire.  You can have several drywall panels to achieve a desired wall thickness depending on the issues that you would love to address.drywall(10)custom home taping

A drywall installation requires you to consider the issue of detail based on the décor you wish to have. If you do not know the kind of décor to use, you can leave the wall at a certain stage that lets you do the décor later on, commonly referred to as level 0. The levels go from this to level 5, which is a wall that is completely done, having all the paint coats needed in relation to the various décor plans one has in mind for a custom home. The beauty of using drywall panels is that you still have a firm and detailed wall that will suffice to give your home a good look regardless of the level of installation and finish you decide to go with.

Though these wall panels make cheap and lasting walls, they can prove to be a tricky affair especially the corners and when doing the drywall taping. It may sound like a challenge that will leave a mark, but if done well, the finished job will be flawless leaving little to no evidence of any tapping done with the drywall.

One way of achieving that fine detail and finish is in using long  panels, which means you will do very little drywall taping on the stubborn corners, especially when you consider that mudding of the wall is also necessary.

The installation of a drywall will see you screw the wall panels directly to the wall frames of the house with special screws. It is best to work with specific measurements to avoid cutting the drywall panels, but if you need to cut them, you will have to use a knife or saw. Ensure that the panels are closely joint living no gaps between them. Thereafter, you will do some mudding to cover the holes created by the screws and also to cover any gaps especially at the corners.drywall(9)custom home taping

The mudding and drywall tapping will be the area of special focus if you desire to have that chic finish and detail for your custom home. Screwing the panels firmly on the wall frame is well called for, but then if your wall mudding and taping is not good, you will have rough edges and poorly filled gaps, which will portray a poorly constructed custom home. The drywall mudding is usually done with two or three layers and each layer given time to dry, sanded down if it was rough then the next layer is applied. However, if you do a smooth layer of mud before leaving it to dry, work becomes easy and with no sanding.

Drywall taping will be the final chapter in the installation of drywalls for your custom home, which is done as soon as the mud dries up. If this is also done with care to ensure that the tape is smooth and straight, then the finish will be clean living no evidence of any tapping on the drywall. If you have excess mud under the tape you can squeeze these out using the utility knife while ensuring that you leave a smooth finish. And there you have it, a dream custom home that has superb walls all at a cheap cost.

Soundproof your home

 QuietRock ES EZ-SNAP

Soundproofing your home, basement  or Condo can be a great investment which can increase an overall comfort of your home as well as the market value of your house if you consider selling it in the future.

What are the situations when you might consider sound insulating your home?

  • You live in a townhouse and are constantly being disturbed by the noise your neighbors are making.
  • You hear all the sounds your neighbours produce and feel that your sweet home doesn’t provide you with the privacy and serenity you were hoping for when signing a mortgage agreement.
  • You are building a media room in your basement and don’t want the entire household shake in fear when you are relaxing to the sounds of your favorite heavy-metal band.
  • Your kid has decided to become a world famous drummer and is practicing day and night driving all the living creatures in the 10 mile radius crazy.
  • You are such a light sleeper whose sleep is easily perturbed by any noise and you want to shield your bedroom from the rest of your house.
  • You wish to insulate your laundry room as it is located to close to the common areas of your house.

Any of these and much more gives you sufficient ground to consider soundproofing your house.

In this post we will talk about the method of noise control our company has been using and recommends to clients willing to take their house to a new comfort level.

How to effectively soundproof your room?

There are different ways to sound insulate your house with the choice depending on your needs, situation and results you are willing to achieve. In this post we will cover the method that we consider the most effective to provide the best insulation at the most reasonable investment.

The best noise control and maximized performance is achieved by using the combination of 5/8″ drywall sheets, QuietRock soundproofing panels and Green Glue.

First off, why 5/8″ drywall?

Drywall 5/8 FireRated Type X

That’s because it’s a product with better fire rating than regular drywall, it’s stronger and has more mass which is an important factor in noise reduction.


Why QuietRock panels?

QuietRock ES Type X

QuietRock is a soundproofing panel of choice of We have installed it in a number of households and have been happy with the results. To sound proof your room you may either use layers of drywall or opt for a sound-damping product like QuietRock ES or QuietRock 535. QuietRock offers outstanding acoustic performance exceeding STC code requirements with only one layer of the product. Which in turn saves your valuable space you otherwise would be sacrifying by installing layers of drywall. By the way, to achieve the same result with regular drywall you would need 8 layers of it.

Another advantage of QuietRock is its EZ-SNAP technology which allows the panels to be scored and snapped (or cut) in the same way as the ordinary drywall. QuietRock is the most effective solution on the market for low frequencies therefore your best bet for insulation home media centers.

Why Green Glue?


Green Glue is a damping compound with performance that is higher than any product of its type. It can be used in any drywall assembly to damp the sound in order to prevent the vibration from travelling through the building framing. It works very effectively in combination with either QuietRock or 5/8″ drywall.

Things to remember when soundproofing your house

The most important thing to remember when sound proofing your room is that the performance will be defined by the weakest link therefore make sure to seal all the gaps, power outlets etc. To do that we use QuietPutty, an easy to use acoustical putty for use around junction boxes.

Another thing to remember that there are different solutions for soundproofing, it all depends on your needs and house peculiarities. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation and figure out a sound insulating method which will work the best for you.

QuietRock TorontoQuietRock Soundproofing Toronto


soundproofing quietrock Toronto

Commercial Seamless Drywall Installation

Commercial drywall usually is installed vertically standing, it’s easier to install and tape drywall seams after.

But on our recent drywall taping project on a 5000 sq. ft. condo on Wellington Street for Strathcona Construction we encounter different technic and at first were surprised with GC decision to install it two-sheets horizontally on walls plus cutting one of the sheets into two pieces.

After interesting debate we can see the point of the architect. Because the client is really concerned with the quality of finish he doesn’t mind spending more on getting a seamless wall. It is a visual trick that anybody can use on their own home’s project.

You cut one piece of drywall to make it 30’’ or so wide and install along the wall bottom. Than on top of it on the wall you install a solid regular 48’’ sheet and on top you put the rest of your bottom cut piece.

This way on a regular human body height on a long wall (and walls are really long at that condo) if you are using 12’ drywall you can see very few vertical seams, which makes the wall visually seamless.

Very smart decision and nice thinking about customer satisfaction.

Drywall Installation Pricing

If the area of your BASEMENT is 700-1,200 sq. ft. you would need a budget of about $4,700 – $12,650. The package would include installation of 1/2” ceiling board, installation of 1/2” regular drywall on walls and bulkheads, installation of 1/2” water resistant drywall in the bathroom, installation of 1/2” densshield in bathroom tiled areas, installation of metal corner bids, taping and sending of new drywall, smooth ceiling, ready for primer. Labour materials and delivery included.


If the area of your HOUSE is 1,200-3,500 sq.ft. you would need a budget of about $6,800 – $36,200 The package would include installation of 1/2” ceiling board, installation of 1/2” regular drywall on walls and bulkheads, installation of 1/2” water resistant drywall in the bathrooms, installation of 1/2” densshield in bathrooms tiled areas, installation of metal corner bids, taping and sending of new drywall, smooth ceiling, ready for primer. Labour materials and delivery included.


How we price the drywall installation?
There are several methods we use when we have to price the drywall job. Preliminary quote on drywall boarding can be issued over a telephone based on the square footage of the area that needs drywall installation.
As drywall contractors we need to know the total area of drywall board for the rough quote. We usually ask over the phone total floor area and clarify if the area is an open concept or divided on section/rooms. Than we ask about ceiling height. The formula for open concept area on drywall installation total square footage is floor area square footage multiplied by 3.5 , for the area with rooms: floor area sq footage multiplied by 4.
For example, if we required to install drywall in the house that has 5000 sq foot of the floor area with 8’ ceiling height and open concept, than amount of the drywall board that we will have to install will be roughly 5000×3.5=17500 sq ft.
Than we multiply the total square footage of the drywall board by the price per square foot.
Of course it works the best if the drywalled area doesn’t have custom features like multiple custom shaped skylights, cathedral ceilings in rooms and unusually shaped entrances, amount of corner beads also play role in the drywall installation pricing. In the case of custom situation it will be the best to arrange for a visit of our certified professional drywall estimator to get more accurate quote.
To find out more you can always contact or call us at 647 866 0201 and we will be happy to help you with your drywall installation price .

D300 Drywall Trim

Our recent drywall installation and taping project in Kensington market Toronto had an architectural feature.

This D300 Drywall Trim is designed to provide crisp clean reveals around openings or at ceiling and floors. The holes and knurled surface provides an excellent ‘key’ for finishing with joint compound. For use with 1/2″ drywall to provide a 1/2″ or 5/8″ reveal.

D300 Drywall Trim

By design of the custom home we had to install the d300 molding around the perimeter of the walls 5 ” from the floor. From our 10 years of practice as drywall contractors in Toronto it was our approx 10th time we had to install this moulding. The Z-shaped d300 molding gives the interesting touch leaving drywall panels stand within half inch from the trim near the floor area, around the windows and door casings. D300 Drywall Trim is definitely a very beautiful modern design feature.

How much time does it take to do taping in 1000sq basement

Many clients ask us about how long it usually takes to do mudding, taping and sanding of a 1000sq ft basement or any other area for that matter.
We usually give up to one week for this drywall taping project. There are certain factors that affect the taping process. The main factor would be the temperature inside the basement and the humidity.

First coat called “prefill coat” and is done with SHEETROCK90 should take 90 minutes to dry in the ideal situation (90 here stands for the drying time in minutes).
First coat of Sheetrock on a 1000 sq ft we do within 1 day.
Same day we also put the paper on the corners, screws and prefill coat on the corner beads.

Ideal situation for taping would be a dry and warm space. This way we can do a “rough” sanding next day and put a second coat, this time using Compound to level the walls, put the second coat on the corners, screws and the corner beads.

After, it takes one to two days, depending on the temperature and humidity of the space to dry.

Third coat after rough sending is done with Compound again to smooth out the surfaces and we let it dry for another day.

Finally we sand and it is ready for primer.

So as you can see there are four actual labour days for the taping and 3 days for drying that gives us 7 in total.
We come back for touch-ups when needed but usually there is none required given the professional level of our employees.

New Project Started on Acton Avenue

We started a new Drywall Installation and Drywall Taping Project on Acton Avenue, Toronto on the 28th of January

Scope of work, simple: Installation of Drywall and Taping of New Drywall.

Here is the Project at the Start when we just delivered materials and are ready to start Drywalling :

Here is how drywall installation project started.

Here is the house with finished DRYWALL :

I will be posting a follow up with photos of the Taping Phase, please comment or ask any questions.

If you are looking for taping drywall contractors or interested in our Drywall Installation and Drywall Taping Services contact us HERE