Founded in 2005, Drywall Taping Toronto has built a reputation for its top quality and immediate drywall taping services offered in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our workmanship and considerate service will impress you; we will help you on every phase of your project with respect and fairness. We handle all types of drywall taping projects, whether if it is a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom or a full house that needs to be taped, we will work with any project. With every job, we seek to guarantee your satisfaction by making your dreams become reality.

Drywall Taping Toronto also provides a multitude of different commercial taping and plastering services. We specialise in working with commercial and government sectors on projects of all sizes and durations such as hotels, schools, office buildings, rehabilitation centers, plazas, dance studios, supermarkets, etc.

Check out our full list of services to find out how we can bring true value to homeowners of Toronto and the GTA.

We are a fully licensed, registered and insured drywall taping contracting company. We offer the highest service quality at compliance with all Province and Local Building Codes.

John T. G.

Owner and founder of Drywall Taping Toronto,

John is a highly professional drywall taping contractor in the Greater Toronto Area for many years. His experience and talent in the construction management has enabled him to work on project of all sizes and durations all over GTA; central city of Toronto Durham, Hamlton, Peel and York regions.