How much time does it take to do taping in 1000sq basement

Many clients ask us about how long it usually takes to do mudding, taping and sanding of a 1000sq ft basement or any other area for that matter.
We usually give up to one week for this drywall taping project. There are certain factors that affect the taping process. The main factor would be the temperature inside the basement and the humidity.

First coat called “prefill coat” and is done with SHEETROCK90 should take 90 minutes to dry in the ideal situation (90 here stands for the drying time in minutes).
First coat of Sheetrock on a 1000 sq ft we do within 1 day.
Same day we also put the paper on the corners, screws and prefill coat on the corner beads.

Ideal situation for taping would be a dry and warm space. This way we can do a “rough” sanding next day and put a second coat, this time using Compound to level the walls, put the second coat on the corners, screws and the corner beads.

After, it takes one to two days, depending on the temperature and humidity of the space to dry.

Third coat after rough sending is done with Compound again to smooth out the surfaces and we let it dry for another day.

Finally we sand and it is ready for primer.

So as you can see there are four actual labour days for the taping and 3 days for drying that gives us 7 in total.
We come back for touch-ups when needed but usually there is none required given the professional level of our employees.

New Project Started on Acton Avenue

We started a new Drywall Installation and Drywall Taping Project on Acton Avenue, Toronto on the 28th of January

Scope of work, simple: Installation of Drywall and Taping of New Drywall.

Here is the Project at the Start when we just delivered materials and are ready to start Drywalling :

Here is how drywall installation project started.

Here is the house with finished DRYWALL :

I will be posting a follow up with photos of the Taping Phase, please comment or ask any questions.

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Drywall Taping RESIDENTIAL Project STARTED on Humbervale Blvd

Here is a drywall taping project that we just started on January 16th for drywall installation and drywall taping.
The location of this site is on Humbervale Blvd. Toronto on the intersection of Bloor Street West and Royal York Road.
Image of House From Outside:

This is a house with second floor addition, so we have some renovation job as well as new construction drywall installation and taping.

There are three levels: basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. We will be performing work on all floors.

Here is a quick overview of the scope of work:

Upper Floor:
Installation of Drywall ceiling board on ceiling
Installation of  ½ inch regular drywall
North and South Side Wall: Installation of 5/8 inch x type drywall

Main Floor:

Installation of  ½ inch regular drywall (inside walls and ceiling)

North and South Wall: Installation of  5/8 inch x type drywall
Skim cote on the walls in dining and living rooms
Showers and Kitchens: Installation of dense shield drywall

Ceiling Installation of ½ inch regular drywall
Walls installation of ½ inch regular drywall
Dense shield for laundry room north wall
Basement Framing:  wall in the basement

Some Framing:
Dining Room Ceiling bulk head—4 sides with angled corners
Angled corner wall in the kitchen to conceal the drain pipes in the corner
Build out for future mounting of 3 ductless A/C unit
Shim the walls in living room and dining room

3 coats and sanded, ready for primer
One return visit for touch ups after primer is applied

 The approximate time for this project is 10 labor days.

 On January 16th we purchased and delivered all the materials to the site, carrying everything inside the house:

Site preparation is complete and on January 17th the real work will begin.

I will be updating everyone on the process of this project during the week and will be posting some photos of each phase

Here is how the house looks at right now: : RESIDENTIAL Project STARTED on Humbervale Blvd

I will be posting some more photographs of the work in progress and complete works of this residential drywall installation and drywall taping project.

 For more information about our drywall installation and drywall taping services please contact us at 647 866 0201