Residential Drywall Installation and Taping Project STARTED on Evelyn Avenue, Toronto

On the third week of January, we began a new Drywall Installation and Drywall Taping Project.The residential site is located on Evelyn Avenue, Toronto.

Here is the Scope of Work:

  • Purchase and delivery of materials
  • Garbage Bin


  • Demolition of plaster from all wall surfaces
  • Demolition of dropped ceiling in South-West bedroom
  • Demolition of doors, trims, casings, baseboards
  • Removal of finish flooring in bathroom—all other flooring remains
  • Installation of new 1/2 inch regular drywall, blue drywall in bathroom
  • Add drywall over existing plaster ceilings in all rooms
  • Taping, mudding and sanding of entire area


  • Demolition of plaster from entire area including ceilings and walls
  • No removal of any structural walls
  • Demolition of doors, trim, casings, baseboards
  • Demolition of non-structural walls in Easters addition space ONLY and removal of tub, sink, built-in cupboards
  •     Removal of the finish flooring
  •      Move kitchen cupboards and appliances to basemen
  •     Installation of new 1/2 inch regular drywall on all areas
  •     Taping, mudding and sanding of new drywall


  • Removal of existing non-structural partition walls, and built in shelvin
  • Remove plaster on existing North-South partition wall east of furnace
  • Installation of new, blue drywall on external basement walls over new insulation
  • Installation of drywall on ceiling and around ducts
  • Taping, mudding and sanding of entire area
  • Disposal of construction debris
  • No carpentry included

DEMOLITION began on the third week of January and is now COMPLETE, take a look at the images of the site before and after demotion:

We started the drywall installation and will be updating this post with more images of drywall installation process.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions in regards to this project. If you are interested in our drywall installation or drywall taping services please contact us here.


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