Mould resistant drywall in the home.

Mould/moisture in the home.

At we often get a lot of questions relating to the installation of mould resistant drywall for bathrooms and basements used in both residential and commercial buildings that are designed to meet safety codes and standards. 

To help remove some of the mystery and answer some of these inquiries, there are a few basic things that you need to know.

For instance, common sense will tell most of us that mould resistant materials would be the best choice when constructing or renovating your new basement or bathroom project. It’s obvious that these areas are prone to extreme temperature or seasonal weather changes.


With these temperature or seasonal changes, your home may be in danger of cultivating harmful mould and mildew that could put your family or pets health at risk. 


While there are a few methods to prevent the growth of such unwanted biology projects growing behind your walls, it is best to consult a trusted contractor who specializes in the safe removal of mould infested areas and the installation of new mould and moisture resistant ones to ensure you have that all important piece of mind.  At, we are knowledgeable on the various building materials that work best to prevent these common household issues.

To ensure that the formation of unwanted moisture or harmful mould is eliminated in your home, feel free to contact us at 647-693-9936 or visit us at

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