What you need to know about Drywall Installation

After reading many blogs about drywall installation, it certainly seem like a simple process and easy enough to do it by yourself. When you’re planning a renovation or remodeling of your home, you need to think not only about time, labor and budget but a proper installation as well.

First of all, a correct drywall installation is very important. For example, you need to start hang the drywall from the ceiling, then the walls. Watch out for bowed joists and any other irregularities. Because seriously curved framing will require you to use drywall shims. Shims are a long strips of 1/8 or 1/16 inch thick cardboard, to level it up.

After you finish with ceiling and start installing drywall on the walls, remember about electrical cables and boxes. Electrical cables that run through walls and ceiling framing need protection. If you not careful, you can pierce it with a drywall nail, creating a fire hazard. You will need to install self-gripping steel protection plates to do the trick.

Another factor you need to consider, buying materials and tools. In order drywall installation process goes smoothly, it will require you to have a quality tools. And good quality tools can be expensive. Of course as an option you can rent them through a tool library. As a result, all the costs will greatly add up by the time your project is done. Not to mention, buying drywall could end up an expensive matter as well.

When you turn to internet in hope to find a better price for drywall, you most likely to find many major construction supply stores. But don’t get fooled, these retailers prey on your inexperience. By buying materials in small quantities, you will pay a big retail price.

To summarize this simple at first but stressful process in the end, drywall installation could be a nightmare for a first timers. To save you from this horror you can employ a professional drywall company. A construction company with many years of experience like ours, will skillfully and professionally make the drywall installation process fast, clean and exceptional.The reason we have only the most knowledgeable employees is to make your life easier. After all, our specialists spent countless hours and years perfecting their trade to offer the best service quality at accordance with all Province and Local Building Codes. The price for materials that we include in our quotes are wholesale price, which will allow your budget not going overboard.

Have a question about your project? Contact Us and get a free quote today! We will be happy to save you from your construction nightmare.   

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