Toronto drywall taping expanded!

Toronto drywall taping team expanded!

“Choose to deliver amazing service to your customers. You’ll stand out because they don’t get it anywhere else”

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Toronto drywall taping team expanded!

We’ve grown, and we got some talented new people on board who specialize in new home construction that are quick and efficient.  The new team is ready to explore this market and work on any size home new construction drywall projects thanks to additional equipment and personnel capacity. We will continue to deliver the same level of service, quality materials and highly experienced drywall installers and tapers that we have built our business and reputation on over the last decade.  No matter how big or small your project is, call 647-866-0201 or email for a friendly quote or free onsite quotation.   Past project references available. is very excited to be able to grow its Toronto talent set and expand as a #1 drywall company in the Toronto GTA. In this time of Thanksgiving, we thank all of our customers, suppliers, friends and supporters for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to exceed your drywall taping expectations well into the future.

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Hello Everyone! officially started up a new chapter in our storied history as Toronto leading drywall services provider. We have some exciting news to share with you.

Here is the first: is excited to announce that we have joined the Toronto Construction Association (TCA), one of Canada’s oldest and largest associations. In existence since 1867, it currently serves over 2,000 member companies across the GTA.

Membership in the TCA provides us with entry into networking and educational events and access to industry updates which we then apply to each and every drywall installation and taping job we do. is proud to be a part of Toronto’s construction industry and we commit to support and help boost the growth and quality of it as a whole.

Drywall taping

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation and taping in Toronto in winter time.

Drywall installation has no differences in winter and summer time. The delivery of materials doesn’t make a big difference either. However most drywall contractors I talk to in Toronto know that taping, mudding and sanding take way longer in the winter than usually in the summer. The best and the fastest way for the mud to dry is low humidity and high temperature. In the winter every time when doors are open the heat is running away and the mud gets colder, it takes much longer to dry. On the other hand, if windows and doors are closed the humidity rises, the mud gets more moist and it takes longer to dry again. in order to achieve the best results and the shorter time for drying the drywall contractor should be knowledgeable enough and have enough experience to balance temperature and humidity. The house needs to be heated well ventilated by the means of fans and open windows. There should be nice timing for the windows to be opened so that humidity could reduce and closed after some time before it gets too cold which will lower the temperature of the sheetrock or compound and make drying time longer.

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When professional drywall contractor gives you a quote they can never promise or guarantee the exact amount of  time required of finishing the project, as it’s not possible because one never knows how long it will dry. From my experience I can predict with 95% accuracy how long it will take, but will never take a chance to guarantee, even though I can tell exactly how many days or even hours it will take to install drywall.


Remember, when choosing the professional contractor pay attention to their promises. If they guarantee the exact time for the project which is shorter, than that of all the other contractors, there is a big chance that the contractor is a novice in the business. The best way to find drywall and taping contractors in Toronto is either trough your friends or on this site is very reliable with all the materials and reviews they provide. Of course no one is perfect so make your decision based on your research.

Drywall Restoration after the flood in Toronto

After the recent flooding caused by a heavy rain, lots of houses and commercial building got their basements submerged under water. The rain water brought damage to interior of the houses including walls, that in most cases are made of drywall.

After the rain flood we at are now flooded with calls for help to repair the damaged walls. We get a lot of questions on what to do, how to prepare the damaged basement for the restoration, what steps to take before and after the drywall installations?
Drywall Restoration Toronto
These are the essential steps that you can expect to walk through:
1. Remove the water from the basement.
2. Cut the damaged drywall
3. Dry the basement
4. Sanitize the basement
6. Tape the walls
7. Paint the walls
When choosing the Drywall installation and Taping company, make sure they specialize or have extensive experience in restoration, as it requires special skills and different techniques.
We at specialize in wall restoration, have vast experience in dealing with flooded basements and working hard to help people restore their houses.

Soundproofing: Bringing tranquility into your life

soundproofing drywall toronto

Noise is one thing that is synonymous with urban living; more so, if you live in a city apartment block or areas that have a high level of noise from surrounding factors. High levels of noise can be quite disruptive and annoying to people who are looking to relax and have a quiet time. When faced with noise pollution, finding a way to curb the issue is a sure way to eliminate the issue easily and fast. The most viable solution there is, is to consider soundproofing your home, building or apartment. This way, you are able to keep all the unneeded noise out and bring some sort of sanity into your home or business.

Soundproofing is the process of making an object or material noise proof; generally, making it less susceptible to letting unnecessary sound waves pass through it. As such, the process of proofing a room should be considered for anyone that wishes to keep all unnecessary sounds out of a room or to keep sounds in a room lowering chances of noise disturbance.

quietrock soundproof drywall

When it comes to soundproofing, there is need to contact or get in touch with professional sound engineers for advice and proofing solutions. This is essential to ensure that you make the best in keeping all noise in or out of a room. Noise suppression professionals offers reliable services and solutions that go a long way in ensuring that noise pollution is no longer an issue to both you and your neighbors.

Sound insulation or proofing entails the use of materials that help arrest sound waves before they can become a nuisance. Most of these materials, which are in the form of special foam, glue, boards and pads, are usually placed within a room’s walls, ceiling and floors. This placement helps greatly minimize the levels of vibration, suppressing noise. To bring in sanity and quiet in your home, establishment or business, then soundproofing is an option that you need to consider.

sound drywall

Cancel Noise Transfer with Sound Isolation Solutions

Sound isolation is essential to any person that looks to reduce noise transfer from one room to another. As a sound producer or as a person living in a noisy surrounding, finding solutions that will help you minimize the movement of sound waves is essential to ensure that both you and the people around you have a noise-free environment. That is why there is need to consider all available options to ensure that you have favorable living and working conditions.

resilient channel sound insulation

quite rock soundproof drywall installation toronto

The good thing is that there are sound isolation solutions available that you can use to accomplish this. Sound isolation is the ability of an object, or the process of ensuring that an object suppresses the movement of sound through it. With the isolation of sound, the level of noise in or out of a room is considerably lowered, ensuring that there is calm and silence in the surrounding areas. For people that deal with the production of sound, this lets you have a better working environment without necessarily having to disturb others around you. Sound isolation, generally will use nonporous materials to handle the suppression of noise.

QuietRock ES Type X

There are plenty of sound isolation solutions that can be used to lower the levels of noise transfer within your home, business or establishment. Essentially, the process of suppressing noise is best done by professional sound suppressing engineers and professionals. The elements and materials used usually range from boards, specially made noise reduction foam and noise glue. In some instances, sound isolation can be done through the use of clips, studs and tapes. Noise cancellation is usually handled on walls, floors and ceilings.


Nonetheless, any option used will considerably help a lot in ensuring that noise levels out or into a room or building are minimized. As such, when searching for noise cancellation solutions, the best thing is to find a professional solutions provider that will advise you on the best sound isolation options available, and who will offer the best professional services that can be afforded.


Drywall Installation: How to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Drywall installation, as necessary as it is, can become so costly and so troublesome. And what defines the success or failure – and the convenience or inconvenience of achieving said success – almost always relies on the choices you make as a homeowner.drywall cost estimate

Commonly, homeowners choose to do it themselves, relying on whatever knowledge they have about construction drywalls and the DIY instruction pack that comes with it, to save on drywall installation cost of a contractor. Oftentimes, however, because of the limited knowledge most homeowners have on proper drywall installation, and maybe the lack of all the necessary tools, it becomes more costly on repairs, back jobs, and short lifespan of an improperly done drywall.
Others leave the job in the hands of the professionals of the industry. And quite frankly, having it done by people who do it every day, and not having to do anything else but monitor the progress of the installation and pay for all the costs is much easier than doing the backbreaking job yourself. However, this choice has its own loopholes. Choosing the wrong contractor could lead to more costs of all sorts – job delays, hidden costs, surprise charges, or poor quality of work.
These days, it is hard to find a drywall installation contractor that exudes ideal qualities like professionalism, expertise, and reliability. How do you ensure that you get what you’re paying for, considering that the drywall installation prices Toronto are getting higher? How do you know that you are getting a quality that is made to last you ages and not something that needs to be repaired every half year?
Here are some things that could help you find the right contractor for you:
• Referral – First-hand experience and word-of-mouth have always been more reliable than the biggest billboards and the fanciest yellow pages ad. Ask around from your close circle of friends and family about their own experience with drywall contractors Toronto – who they relied on, the quality of work they got, how satisfied they are with the end result of the job. And, if you can, see the result for yourself. Check how well it was done, how much it cost and decide for yourself if it is well worth the price you would have to pay for it.
• Price Comparison – Most contractors offer free price quotes. Do not hesitate to make a few calls to the drywall installers in your short list and schedule an on-site quotation. Having the professional installers right at your home to check up on what you need and how much their services on drywall taping cost per square foot would give you not only a better comparison of their service costs. It will also help give you a chance to evaluate the people who will likely do the job. And remember, ‘cheapest’ never equates to the ‘best’. A good deal and an affordable service are when you the quality of the result that is well worth the price tag it comes with.
• Services Offered – One good indicator of a reliable drywall installer is the variety of related services they can offer. Though not true for all, their ability to do the more complicated types of services like Quietrock Toronto (sound insulation) would likely tell you they have trained for efficiency and expertise in the business.
• Materials Used – another ideal gauge for the quality of drywall installer would be the kind of materials they use for their services. A good contractor uses only standard quality materials and tools for all their services. What kind of d300 drywall trim do they use? Does it confer with industry standards? How well will it work for your drywall taping Toronto needs?
• Time Frame – one very important deciding factor in choosing the right contractor for you is how soon they can get the job done. In any construction project, especially in existing homes, time is of the essence. You would not want your daily home routine to be too disturbed by existing construction. Ask how much time they need for the size of the project to be done and assess whether or not the time frame they offer is humanly possible. Oftentimes, contractors lie about the time frame, shortening it to impossible lengths, just to win a client’s trust. The results are either haphazardly done, so-so jobs, or delays you would otherwise have avoided. The professionalism of a contractor can well be measured by how honest they can be about the price they put on the quotation and the time frame. This is why you need to take the time to compare contractors.

Do not get ahead of yourself and look for the job to get done. Always look for the job to get done well enough to last you decades and not a few years.

Soundproofing made easy: Get the right materials, products and professionals for the best proofing job

Sound is a powerful energy that can be a major nuisance to people. Be it sound from our homes or offices, or sound from the external sources, it can be a major headache if not handled appropriately. As such, there is a need to ensure that you find a good way to have the problem covered and handled for an improved, more silent living environment. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to soundproof a specific room, office or even your whole house. Soundproofing works by withholding excess decibels of sound from travelling into or out of a room. This lets you and others around you an easier time without excess sound or noise disturbance- ultimately lowering chances of calling the police on you.
When looking for the ultimate soundproofing experience for your home or office, then going for the best soundproofing option available is the best thing that you can do. Soundproof classes come in different levels and each stands on its own pedestal on how well it delays, absorbs or restricts noise transmission. STC- sound transmission class is the standard at which noise reduction levels are measured on. The higher the STC level- above 60- the lower the sound transmission in or out of a room, house or building .This means that for you to block the most amount of sound from travelling out or in to a room, you need a good and powerful soundproof solution that will hold off all the noise. QuietRock ES Type X
Soundproofing mostly relies on installing a soundproof drywall and adding layers of necessary soundproof material that will keep off vibration and sound waves. There are several options available in sound proofing and which range from; adding a new layer of drywall to the existing drywall effectively lowering sound transmission; adding a sound deadening soft, fibrous board on to the wall which essentially absorbs sound; the other option is adding mass loaded vinyl on your drywall, this is one of the most effective soundproofing options; adding green glue on to your wall and drywall, which boosts an effect known as damping, where sound vibration is converted into energy, effectively cutting noise transmission; and the last, most effective option available is where channel, green glue, resilient clips and drywall are all used to sound proof a room for the best soundproofing experience.
The latter option requires a professional installer to have it installed. This option calls for removing of your existing drywall and have another put in place. This option capitalizes on all four elements for effective soundproofing; that is absorption, mass, decoupling and damping. This option offers 61 and 66 STC and comes in two options of insulation. The 61 STC has two 5/8 inch layers of drywall and 7/8 inches of drywall furring channel held in place with 24” OC stud spacing and a whisper clip on one 5/8 inch drywall layer. The 66 STC soundproofing option has two 5/8 inch drywall layers plus 2 tubes of 4×8 sheet of green glue plus a 7/8 inch drywall furring channel at 24” on center spacing and a whisperclip on one 5/8 inch drywall layer.
With this soundproofing option you have the best sound elimination option installed in place for a working noise reduction solution. However, this option is the most labor intensive and requires experienced and well trained soundproofing experts to handle its installation. That is why when looking to have the ultimate soundproofing tasks done for you, take time and find a good soundproofing company in Toronto to handle the soundproof drywall task. It may seem rather costly, but the overall job will leave you to enjoy the best experience in sound quality and noise reduction.
Make sure that the company you go for will use to some of the best quality materials for the job. Quiet Rock is a soundproofing product manufacturing company that offers the best materials and products for the ultimate soundproof task. While the channel, green glue, resilient clips and drywall combination with last soundproofing option does wonders and offers insulation of up to 66 STC, you still can push this level up to 80+ STC with Quiet Rock soundproofing, high quality materials. QuietSeal
Quiet Rock has the best seals found as QuietSeal, green glue in the form of QuietGlue, studs, clips, furring strips and QuietPutty for improved sealing of penetrations and openings within your walls. These products used together, and installed by a professional, promise to raise the levels of soundproofing to over 80 STC. Quiet Rock soundproofing products are the best for noise insulation in many different areas- from home and office buildings to single production rooms for the ultimate sound absorption and improved sound quality.
QuietRock offers professional services for installation; however, if you have an external soundproofing company Toronto is handing the task, they can get installation instructions and product Datasheets from them for ease soundproofing. You can get QuietRock products directly to them via their online page or from soundproofing product vendors found all over the country. For the ultimate soundproof installation, get the best products in the market to handle the job.

Custom Home 101: Perks Of Drywall Installation for Your Home

There is more to having a dream home; especially one that is custom made, which simply beats buying one. Though people may say that the overall cost of building a custom home may be overwhelming, at the end of the day, you as a custom home owner will be living within the comforts of your own making. You simply forget the many issues that may arise about various missed details of the house. The walls of a home are a common issue with; the materials used and thickness, how it they were installed, and the finishing details seem to be wrong. Such dilemmas seize to exist when you decide to go the custom home way.drywall(11)custom home taping

One way to curb the issue of cost while still achieving chic interior details for your home is by using drywalls. These are quick to set up thus a great option when it comes building your home in a jiffy. In addition to a fast home construction, a drywall installation has great advantages that will touch on issues of heat within your home, privacy when you need to have silence, it is simple to pull down when you wish to remodel, and will be ideal when you want to put up additional installations and décor.

To identify with the perks of drywall installation, you need to be abreast with the various aspects that touch on the wall, how it is installed and the various tools used.

Granted the drywall panels sound like the core element in having that dream custom home, in reality, the supports materials and tools are very important in the installation of these panels. These include, the drywall taps, drywall mud, a utility knife and good screwdriver (electric is preferable).

Over to the core element in for your home wall; the drywall, which is a gypsum panel that is made in varied length dimensions to suit various home construction plans and with a width that is commonly of 48” and 54”.  The panels give you the leeway to have a wall thickness that you desire, meaning you can easily have a solution for sound transmission within your home. In addition, you get a wall that has superb heat control qualities. This wall will play an important part in the regulation of heat within your home and is exceptional in retarding fire.  You can have several drywall panels to achieve a desired wall thickness depending on the issues that you would love to address.drywall(10)custom home taping

A drywall installation requires you to consider the issue of detail based on the décor you wish to have. If you do not know the kind of décor to use, you can leave the wall at a certain stage that lets you do the décor later on, commonly referred to as level 0. The levels go from this to level 5, which is a wall that is completely done, having all the paint coats needed in relation to the various décor plans one has in mind for a custom home. The beauty of using drywall panels is that you still have a firm and detailed wall that will suffice to give your home a good look regardless of the level of installation and finish you decide to go with.

Though these wall panels make cheap and lasting walls, they can prove to be a tricky affair especially the corners and when doing the drywall taping. It may sound like a challenge that will leave a mark, but if done well, the finished job will be flawless leaving little to no evidence of any tapping done with the drywall.

One way of achieving that fine detail and finish is in using long  panels, which means you will do very little drywall taping on the stubborn corners, especially when you consider that mudding of the wall is also necessary.

The installation of a drywall will see you screw the wall panels directly to the wall frames of the house with special screws. It is best to work with specific measurements to avoid cutting the drywall panels, but if you need to cut them, you will have to use a knife or saw. Ensure that the panels are closely joint living no gaps between them. Thereafter, you will do some mudding to cover the holes created by the screws and also to cover any gaps especially at the corners.drywall(9)custom home taping

The mudding and drywall tapping will be the area of special focus if you desire to have that chic finish and detail for your custom home. Screwing the panels firmly on the wall frame is well called for, but then if your wall mudding and taping is not good, you will have rough edges and poorly filled gaps, which will portray a poorly constructed custom home. The drywall mudding is usually done with two or three layers and each layer given time to dry, sanded down if it was rough then the next layer is applied. However, if you do a smooth layer of mud before leaving it to dry, work becomes easy and with no sanding.

Drywall taping will be the final chapter in the installation of drywalls for your custom home, which is done as soon as the mud dries up. If this is also done with care to ensure that the tape is smooth and straight, then the finish will be clean living no evidence of any tapping on the drywall. If you have excess mud under the tape you can squeeze these out using the utility knife while ensuring that you leave a smooth finish. And there you have it, a dream custom home that has superb walls all at a cheap cost.