Drywall Restoration after the flood in Toronto

After the recent flooding caused by a heavy rain, lots of houses and commercial building got their basements submerged under water. The rain water brought damage to interior of the houses including walls, that in most cases are made of drywall.

After the rain flood we at DrywallTaping.ca are now flooded with calls for help to repair the damaged walls. We get a lot of questions on what to do, how to prepare the damaged basement for the restoration, what steps to take before and after the drywall installations?
Drywall Restoration Toronto
These are the essential steps that you can expect to walk through:
1. Remove the water from the basement.
2. Cut the damaged drywall
3. Dry the basement
4. Sanitize the basement
6. Tape the walls
7. Paint the walls
When choosing the Drywall installation and Taping company, make sure they specialize or have extensive experience in restoration, as it requires special skills and different techniques.
We at DrywallTaping.ca specialize in wall restoration, have vast experience in dealing with flooded basements and working hard to help people restore their houses.

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