D300 Drywall Trim

Our recent drywall installation and taping project in Kensington market Toronto had an architectural feature.

This D300 Drywall Trim is designed to provide crisp clean reveals around openings or at ceiling and floors. The holes and knurled surface provides an excellent ‘key’ for finishing with joint compound. For use with 1/2″ drywall to provide a 1/2″ or 5/8″ reveal.

D300 Drywall Trim

By design of the custom home we had to install the d300 molding around the perimeter of the walls 5 ” from the floor. From our 10 years of practice as drywall contractors in Toronto it was our approx 10th time we had to install this moulding. The Z-shaped d300 molding gives the interesting touch leaving drywall panels stand within half inch from the trim near the floor area, around the windows and door casings. D300 Drywall Trim is definitely a very beautiful modern design feature.


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