How to Find a Good Drywall Contractor in Toronto

Framing ready for drywall installationNeed some drywall work done around the house? The Toronto area is full of drywall contractors. So how does one narrow the field to find people that will work well for you?

Here are three important aspects you need to consider when hiring a professional drywall contractor:


Do your homework to find out what type of name they have in Toronto. In the age of internet you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Use Google, Yahoo or Bing to find how you potential drywall contractors are represented online. Do they have a website? Do they have pictures and videos covering their projects? They can help you quickly assess their qualification. In the age of social web it makes sense to check out reviews online. Websites like Homestars, Google Pages and even Facebook allow clients to leave their reviews and testimonials. Drywall contractors should be in the business of turning customers into spokespeople, at every job they work. So ask your friends and family who they’ve used and who they like and can recommend.

This is a great way to make sure your job will be done on time and on budget


Get some price quotes and think about how much you can afford to spend. Larger companies may charge more, but may bring more credibility and guarantee to the table. At the same time, newer and smaller companies may be willing to do a bit more to get the job and earn your referral when the job is done. However, keep in mind, if the offer is too good to be true, probably it is and you may end up paying twice if you risk to hire an unqualified contractor. A lot of homeowners hire us to fix the poor work that has been done by someone else. Of course the cost of fixing is higher than that of a new project.


This can be a deal-breaker. Decide exactly when you need your project done. If there’s no big rush, a company that can’t start for another 2 weeks is fine. However, if you need this done before you have guests over the long weekend, make sure your crew can be in and out by then. Keep in mind though, most reputable companies have their schedules filled up, hence their reputation, and usually require a 2-3 week prior notice.

Have a peek at how our team of drywall installers does their job at one of custom homes in Toronto

If you have any questions about your next drywall project, send us an email at or give us a call 647-866-0201

How To Install Drywall On The Ceiling In Your House

Installing drywall on the ceiling can be challenging when working alone, but with a few minor adjustment to the working process, you can easily accomplish this task on your own. Follow these simple steps as you learn how to install drywall on the ceiling in your house.

  1. Check if the area where you are going to install drywall is clear from electrical wires, ductwork, or protruding pipes. Install furring strips to the framing in order to create a flat, even surface for drywall installation around these obstacles.
  2. To keep it easier mark the wall studs to indicate the locations of the ceiling joists for reference when installing drywall. Also mark the placement of light fixtures and electrical boxes.
  3. To get some leverage and support for raising the drywall sheets to the ceiling when you’re working alone, build a T-brace. Use a 2 foot piece of 1 by 4 and nail it to a 2 by 4. It should be 1 foot higher than the length from the floor to the ceiling.
  4. Start hanging drywall in the corner, where you can use a full sheet. Raise the first sheet to the ceiling so you can get an idea of the placement in relation to the joists.
  5. If you have a friend, ask him to assist you, or alternatively use the T-brace that you have build in the step 3. Raise the first sheet of drywall to the ceiling and slide it snugly into the corner. Install drywall in the way that tapered edges of the sheet are facing the floor.
  6. Screw in the drywall sheets permanently to the ceiling joists using screws. The heads of the screws you choose should come in contact with the paper, sinking in slightly without breaking through the paper.
  7. Proceed to install drywall along the first wall, always make sure that the tapered edges abut one another and are facing down. The tapered edges are designed to make the taping, mudding and sanding process easier.
  8. To enforce the stability of your ceiling, start the second row with a half sheet of drywall in order to stagger the seams.
  9. Measure and mark the cut line at the vertical midpoint of the drywall sheet. Use a straightedge to help guide your utility knife as you cut. Tip the panel off of the floor or table at a slight angle, then push it down to break it in half. Use the utility knife to cut through the paper backing.
  10. Install panels over vents or light fixtures loosely at first. Use a rotary drill to cut out a border for the fixture or vent, and then fully attach the board.
  11. Complete installation of drywall on the entire ceiling of your house and only then proceed to install drywall on the walls.

In case you don’t want to install drywall alone, you can hire professional experts. In the video below see how our installers hang drywall on the ceiling on one of our custom home projects in Toronto.

Toronto drywall taping expanded!

Toronto drywall taping team expanded!

“Choose to deliver amazing service to your customers. You’ll stand out because they don’t get it anywhere else”

Kevin Stirtz

Toronto drywall taping team expanded!

We’ve grown, and we got some talented new people on board who specialize in new home construction that are quick and efficient.  The new team is ready to explore this market and work on any size home new construction drywall projects thanks to additional equipment and personnel capacity. We will continue to deliver the same level of service, quality materials and highly experienced drywall installers and tapers that we have built our business and reputation on over the last decade.  No matter how big or small your project is, call 647-866-0201 or email for a friendly quote or free onsite quotation.   Past project references available. is very excited to be able to grow its Toronto talent set and expand as a #1 drywall company in the Toronto GTA. In this time of Thanksgiving, we thank all of our customers, suppliers, friends and supporters for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to exceed your drywall taping expectations well into the future.

Toronto Drywall Taping


Hello Everyone! officially started up a new chapter in our storied history as Toronto leading drywall services provider. We have some exciting news to share with you.

Here is the first: is excited to announce that we have joined the Toronto Construction Association (TCA), one of Canada’s oldest and largest associations. In existence since 1867, it currently serves over 2,000 member companies across the GTA.

Membership in the TCA provides us with entry into networking and educational events and access to industry updates which we then apply to each and every drywall installation and taping job we do. is proud to be a part of Toronto’s construction industry and we commit to support and help boost the growth and quality of it as a whole.

Drywall taping

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation and taping in Toronto in winter time.

Drywall installation has no differences in winter and summer time. The delivery of materials doesn’t make a big difference either. However most drywall contractors I talk to in Toronto know that taping, mudding and sanding take way longer in the winter than usually in the summer. The best and the fastest way for the mud to dry is low humidity and high temperature. In the winter every time when doors are open the heat is running away and the mud gets colder, it takes much longer to dry. On the other hand, if windows and doors are closed the humidity rises, the mud gets more moist and it takes longer to dry again. in order to achieve the best results and the shorter time for drying the drywall contractor should be knowledgeable enough and have enough experience to balance temperature and humidity. The house needs to be heated well ventilated by the means of fans and open windows. There should be nice timing for the windows to be opened so that humidity could reduce and closed after some time before it gets too cold which will lower the temperature of the sheetrock or compound and make drying time longer.

drywall taping

When professional drywall contractor gives you a quote they can never promise or guarantee the exact amount of  time required of finishing the project, as it’s not possible because one never knows how long it will dry. From my experience I can predict with 95% accuracy how long it will take, but will never take a chance to guarantee, even though I can tell exactly how many days or even hours it will take to install drywall.


Remember, when choosing the professional contractor pay attention to their promises. If they guarantee the exact time for the project which is shorter, than that of all the other contractors, there is a big chance that the contractor is a novice in the business. The best way to find drywall and taping contractors in Toronto is either trough your friends or on this site is very reliable with all the materials and reviews they provide. Of course no one is perfect so make your decision based on your research.

Drywall Restoration after the flood in Toronto

After the recent flooding caused by a heavy rain, lots of houses and commercial building got their basements submerged under water. The rain water brought damage to interior of the houses including walls, that in most cases are made of drywall.

After the rain flood we at are now flooded with calls for help to repair the damaged walls. We get a lot of questions on what to do, how to prepare the damaged basement for the restoration, what steps to take before and after the drywall installations?
Drywall Restoration Toronto
These are the essential steps that you can expect to walk through:
1. Remove the water from the basement.
2. Cut the damaged drywall
3. Dry the basement
4. Sanitize the basement
6. Tape the walls
7. Paint the walls
When choosing the Drywall installation and Taping company, make sure they specialize or have extensive experience in restoration, as it requires special skills and different techniques.
We at specialize in wall restoration, have vast experience in dealing with flooded basements and working hard to help people restore their houses.

Soundproofing: Bringing tranquility into your life

soundproofing drywall toronto

Noise is one thing that is synonymous with urban living; more so, if you live in a city apartment block or areas that have a high level of noise from surrounding factors. High levels of noise can be quite disruptive and annoying to people who are looking to relax and have a quiet time. When faced with noise pollution, finding a way to curb the issue is a sure way to eliminate the issue easily and fast. The most viable solution there is, is to consider soundproofing your home, building or apartment. This way, you are able to keep all the unneeded noise out and bring some sort of sanity into your home or business.

Soundproofing is the process of making an object or material noise proof; generally, making it less susceptible to letting unnecessary sound waves pass through it. As such, the process of proofing a room should be considered for anyone that wishes to keep all unnecessary sounds out of a room or to keep sounds in a room lowering chances of noise disturbance.

quietrock soundproof drywall

When it comes to soundproofing, there is need to contact or get in touch with professional sound engineers for advice and proofing solutions. This is essential to ensure that you make the best in keeping all noise in or out of a room. Noise suppression professionals offers reliable services and solutions that go a long way in ensuring that noise pollution is no longer an issue to both you and your neighbors.

Sound insulation or proofing entails the use of materials that help arrest sound waves before they can become a nuisance. Most of these materials, which are in the form of special foam, glue, boards and pads, are usually placed within a room’s walls, ceiling and floors. This placement helps greatly minimize the levels of vibration, suppressing noise. To bring in sanity and quiet in your home, establishment or business, then soundproofing is an option that you need to consider.

sound drywall

Sound Insulation for Noise Movement Suppression Solutions

 Sound insulation is vital in the restriction of noise from being a disruptive and annoying force. Sound is good, but when its levels reach certain limits, it can become a nuisance to people around you or even to you. Realistically, there is a need for one to live or work in a more conducive environment.

Sound restriction or insulation comes in handy when looking to make this possible. With insulation, you restrict movement and filter sound movement through walls, floors or even ceilings; restricting sound waves into or out of a room.

Drywall Attic Toronto

Sound insulation is majorly used to handle the insulating of noise in businesses, home duplexes or apartments. Insulation applications cover a wide area of our day to day lives. Especially so, for people that work with sound like sound producers, the use of insulation comes in handy. Therefore, to ensure that noise and disturbing sounds are suppressed, finding reliable insulation solutions should be a thing to consider. Fundamentally, to reduce the levels of sound movement in or out of a room; ensuring that everyone is happy.

Drywall soundproofing

When looking for sound insulation solutions, finding professionals to handle the job for you is advised. You need people that have the skill and the knowledge to handle noise suppression and sound movement restriction to handle the job for you. The insulation process uses several types of materials and equipment to make it successful. The materials majorly used are in the form of acoustic foams, sound tapes, clips, specially formulated sound glue, noise restricting boards and specially designed pads.

When used to make a room sound proof, these materials are placed or installed within walls, floors and ceilings- objects that sound waves travel through. As such, sound insulation solutions reliably lower or cancel the noise movement from one room to another, offering considerable peace and calm to those around you.

Cancel Noise Transfer with Sound Isolation Solutions

Sound isolation is essential to any person that looks to reduce noise transfer from one room to another. As a sound producer or as a person living in a noisy surrounding, finding solutions that will help you minimize the movement of sound waves is essential to ensure that both you and the people around you have a noise-free environment. That is why there is need to consider all available options to ensure that you have favorable living and working conditions.

resilient channel sound insulation

quite rock soundproof drywall installation toronto

The good thing is that there are sound isolation solutions available that you can use to accomplish this. Sound isolation is the ability of an object, or the process of ensuring that an object suppresses the movement of sound through it. With the isolation of sound, the level of noise in or out of a room is considerably lowered, ensuring that there is calm and silence in the surrounding areas. For people that deal with the production of sound, this lets you have a better working environment without necessarily having to disturb others around you. Sound isolation, generally will use nonporous materials to handle the suppression of noise.

QuietRock ES Type X

There are plenty of sound isolation solutions that can be used to lower the levels of noise transfer within your home, business or establishment. Essentially, the process of suppressing noise is best done by professional sound suppressing engineers and professionals. The elements and materials used usually range from boards, specially made noise reduction foam and noise glue. In some instances, sound isolation can be done through the use of clips, studs and tapes. Noise cancellation is usually handled on walls, floors and ceilings.


Nonetheless, any option used will considerably help a lot in ensuring that noise levels out or into a room or building are minimized. As such, when searching for noise cancellation solutions, the best thing is to find a professional solutions provider that will advise you on the best sound isolation options available, and who will offer the best professional services that can be afforded.