Drywall Taping COMMERCIAL Project STARTED in Roncesvalles Village

On January 16th we delivered materials to a commercial site for drywall and taping services. It is located on the corner of Roncesvalles Avenue and Howard Park Avenue.

Before Images:  

This used to be a Dominion Bank Building of 2 floors plus basement level and now will be renovated into office space for a company called GEOSCAPE Contracting: http://www.geoscapecontracting.com/

Here is what will be performed during the 10 labour days:
2nd Floor:
·      Taping of new drywall (washroom and kitchen area)
·      Hallway and Staircase from second floor to first floor —skim cote on plaster
1st Floor:
·      Installation of corner bids
·      Skim cote on the walls
·      Taping of new drywall on ceiling
·      Skim cote of plaster on ceiling
·      Taping of all new drywall (walls and ceiling)
·      Removal of construction debris in garbage bin

The project started on January 16th and will end on January 26th if there are no changes to the scope of work from owner.
Before Images:  

This is the second floor of the building before renovation.

Windows on second floor of building before renovation

Bottom Left Image: second floor ceiling

We started installation of ceilings on the first floor of the building:

Taping of new drywall on the ceiling area on first floor

As always I am taking some shots of the condition of site before renovation and will be updating you on the process of this work throughout the week.

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