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As you probably notice we do exactly what you are looking for. Yes we are Drywall Contractor and Drywall Company  416-639-9972 we do drywall installation drywall taping and mudding. Usually we are getting calls with question “what is the cost to install drywall” but as you may probably guess that cost of drywall installation is like cost of to build house would be on each project different.

What we do.

SO! The first as a Drywall Contractor and Drywall Company  416-639-9972 we will ask is what area is the house that will determine if we need to pay parking and the second what stage is construction to see in we are ready or can be ready by the time you need us to be there.

Then we will ask you construction plans or drawings to do the takeoffs and see if there are specifications from the city that we need to know like fire-rated drywall need to be installed on walls that are closer then four feet to the property line, ceiling board on 24″ trusses etc..

drywall taping

drywall taping

When we have this information we can meet on site and compare drawings to real life framing and give you free of charge estimate that you can use to compare or if its in your budget we will be happy to help you on the project.

Mot of the time we are working with general contractors, builders and property managers but home owners are welcome to join and we pretty sure will be a benefit to your new team.

Here are few recent pictures if you are curious how it looks like in real life of  Drywall Contractor and Drywall Company. On some of the pictures you may find some areas in the house that looks like yours or it will look like in future.

Please call Drywall Contractor and Drywall Company  416-639-9972  or visit our page at:  Drywalltaping.ca






Improved soundproofing options


soundproofing (140)

We all want to have a quite bedroom without noise from our lovely neighbours. Bailey Metal Products Ltd today came up with new and improved bailey rc plus resilient channels that can reduce sound transfer form one area to another with minimal use of space. If you are drywall contractor that looking to build a soundproof wall you should follow the link below to see instructions on how to build a proper soundproof wall. If you are a home owner and would like to hire drywall company to do the work, you can call or email us and we will provide you with a free of charge quote and we can defiantly build it for you.

from here: http://www.bmp-group.com/docs/default-source/resource-library-literature/rc-plus-feature-sell-sheet.pdf?sfvrsn=0