Follow UP: FINISHED Taping RESIDENTIAL Project on Humbervale Blvd

Here is a follow up of a drywall taping project that we started on January 16th for drywall installation and drywall taping.

The location of this site is on Humbervale Blvd. Toronto on the intersection of Bloor Street West and Royal York Road.
Drywall Taping RESIDENTIAL Project STARTED on Humbervale Blvd
We FINISHED Drywall Taping:

And we STARTED Painting the walls:

Here is the Scope of Work :

Upper Floor:
Installation of Drywall ceiling board on ceiling
Installation of  ½ inch regular drywall
North and South Side Wall: Installation of 5/8 inch x type drywall
Main Floor:

Installation of  ½ inch regular drywall (inside walls and ceiling)

North and South Wall: Installation of  5/8 inch x type drywall
Skim cote on the walls in dining and living rooms
Showers and Kitchens: Installation of dense shield drywall
Ceiling Installation of ½ inch regular drywall
Walls installation of ½ inch regular drywall
Dense shield for laundry room north wall
Basement Framing:  wall in the basement
Some Framing:
Dining Room Ceiling bulk head—4 sides with angled corners
Angled corner wall in the kitchen to conceal the drain pipes in the corner
Build out for future mounting of 3 ductless A/C unit
Shim the walls in living room and dining room
3 coats and sanded, ready for primer
One return visit for touch ups after primer is applied

For more information about our drywall installation and drywall taping services please contact us at 647 866 0201


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