How to choose the right drywall contractor.



Find reviews
Call them up
Bring them home
Ask as many questions as you can
Compare prices and time-frames
Choose the best based on knowledge, reviews and price
Framing electrical and plumbing are done. Insulation is done. You passed all the inspections and now it is time to make your home look beautiful. Now it is time for most important visual part – finishing.
Choosing the right drywall and taping contractor is crucial for finishing part of the renovation. Choose wisely and screws will not pop-up through the expensive paint, drywall joints will not crack and avoid plenty of other disastrous things.

The best way to start is to look online at Home Stars or Handy Canadian for companies with decent reviews. Next is to call them up and talk. While at this evaluate the courtesy and time of response. The chances are that if they answer their phones or get back to you promptly, they will do the job the same way.

After you choose three companies and invited them to see the job ask their reps as many questions as you can and evaluate how knowledgeable they are. Ask them to submit written quotes and evaluate the time frames and prices.

If you chosen professionals companies, prices shouldn’t vary much, and now it’s just a matter of your personal preference and their promised time of delivery to choose your drywall taping contractor.

Good luck!

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