Drywall Cost Installation

Drywall Cost Installation TorontoWhat is Drywall Cost Installation?

“Drywall Cost Installation is 50 cents”. If you hear that on the phone it means that you are talking with an unprofessional drywall installer. What do I mean?

In Toronto the price for drywall installation starts from 30 cents a sq.ft. for a project over 10000 sq.ft. of board (drywall). This price is for installation only. It doesn’t included supervision, insurance, work compensation, management, wsib, liability, warranty, materials ordering, cleaning, customer service etc.

The Worst Part of Drywall Installation Project

Being a drywall contractor for so many years I can tell that the worst part is that I have to fix other peoples’ mistakes every single days. Making mistakes is normal, we are all humans and even professional crews can make mistakes. However, in order to see it before it’s too late you will need a professional opinion at several crucial stages of the project: before the job begins, after some sensitive milestones and after it’s completed. It is important to recognise that everything is done properly before you make the final payment.

Drywall Installation by Professional Contractor

We are proud to say that we do only professional art work and every tradesman has many years of experience. In very basic words we are providing the clients with peace of mind, when you call us you can trust that we will provide you with the right price. You can expect the time schedule for the work performed at your place in advance. We deliver and install drywall, tape, mud and sand, and clean after the work is done. We are not in a rush to get the money as we know how important the quality of work and customer serviceĀ is. Until you are fully satisfied and we know for sure that the work is perfectly done, we never ask you for any payment, on the opposite we look for any imperfections to fix them before you even notice. This way we keep our reputation on top of your expectations. We are proud to say that we love what we do, and we do it well.

Estimate Drywall Installation Cost

In order to estimate cost of your drywall installation project we need to get a drawing (blueprint) of your house or visit your place. Sometimes the phone conversation can help to analyze the amount of work and we can provide an approximate budget for the project.

In my opinion as a company owner, a phone call is the fastest way to assess the level of professionalism and expertise of a drywall contractor and make a decision to move forward with your drywall installation project or call someone else.

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